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Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation in STEM

LSAMP Resources & Opportunities

The Cal Poly LSAMP program offers a variety of resources for its students ranging from financial support to finding undergraduate and graduate opportunities, networking events, and a community for LSAMP students. LSAMP strives to offer opportunities for all its students. Check out some of the opportunities below!

Financial Support & Assistance

The Cal Poly LSAMP program offers direct financial support for specific opportunities upon acceptance and approval of a qualifying LSAMP student's Request for Funding application. 

What financial support does LSAMP provide?

The Cal Poly LSAMP Program offers direct financial support for a variety of student opportunities. For a detailed list of supported activities and the Request for Funding form, visit the pages linked below.

Community College Transition (CCT) Transfer Program

The Community College Transition (CCT) Transfer Program is a pilot program designed by LSAMP and the College of Science & Mathematics to aid incoming transfer students in their transition to the Cal Poly community.

Undergraduate and Graduate Funding

The Cal Poly LSAMP Program is a great resource when searching for undergraduate scholarships and fellowships, scholarships, and other programs for graduate school. The following are a few of the many possibilities available. For more up-to-date information, make sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletters!

Additional Resources

Cal Poly's Career Services offers a variety of resources pertaining to graduate school. Check out their page with information on resources for funding graduate school.


LSAMP offers advising in areas such as graduate school planning, finding undergraduate research opportunities, career development, and can also help point you in the right direction to various on-campus resources. 

Graduate School Planning

Thinking about graduate school? It’s never too early to start thinking about grad school and LSAMP offers many resources to help get you started.

Personal Statements and Statements of Purpose

Need help writing a Statement of Purpose or a Personal Statement? Check out some of the resources listed below. Need someone to review your work? Schedule an appointment to receive personalized feedback from LSAMP staff.

Graduate School Funding

Check out our resources listed below or schedule an appointment to meet with an LSAMP staff advisor for help finding additional resources.

Additional On-Campus Advising

Cal Poly has various advising centers including College Advising, the Mustang Success Center, Career Services, Student Academic Services, Multicultural Engineering Program, and other advising resources.

Networking & Community-Building Events

LSAMP holds various events throughout the year that provide opportunities to network with different faculty and staff on campus. For upcoming events, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter or visit our events page for an events calendar.

Coffee & Connections

Our Coffee and Connections events are a great opportunity to engage in conversations about undergraduate experiences with various professors and faculty on campus. Visit our events page to see when the next Coffee & Connections event is happening.

California Forum For Diversity In Graduate Education

The forum is an annual event that brings over 100 different graduate schools together for a recruitment fair, workshops, faculty and student panels, and guest speakers to discuss the journey towards graduate school. This event is free to all LSAMP, EOP, and SAS students. Visit our information page for a list of workshops and registration details. 

Undergraduate Research Panels

Our Undergraduate Research Panels are a great way to learn about finding, applying to, and succeeding in undergraduate research, internships, or volunteer experiences in the United States and internationally. Student panelists share their stories about their experiences in the U.S., and abroad in places like Costa Rica, Malta, Canada, and more!

Tips For Professional Networking

Research & Professional Development

Undergraduate Research

Showing you have research experience as an undergraduate student can help enhance your graduate school application.

Finding a Research Experience

LSAMP continuously gets new research experience announcements. For the latest postings make sure to check the weekly LSAMP newsletter. Use our guide below to learn more about undergraduate research experiences. For additional help, schedule an appointment with an LSAMP advisor.

Research Databases

There are multiple databases and resources that can connect you with the programs that interest you the most. Below are a few examples:

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