CSU-LSAMP at Cal Poly

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation in STEM

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Meet the Cal Poly LSAMP Team

LSAMP Main Office

LSAMP Office Hours with Erica

Mondays: 1:10-4pm (25-129)
Thursdays: 9:10am-12pm (25-129)
Fridays: 9:10am-12pm (25-129)
T/W: By appointment only

Schedule a 15-minute meeting with
Dr. Lehr at:


Questions? Come visit us!

Building 25, Room 129
(805) 756-2875

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Appointment Here









Pictured from Left: Dr. Jane Lehr, Erica M. Garcia 

Faculty & Staff Contacts

Contact Name

Position email & PhonE
JANE LEHR, PHD LSAMP Program Director 

(805) 756-6442

ERICA M. GARCIA LSAMP Program Coordinator


(805) 756-2875

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